Whats happening to america

War The United States continues to get pulled into more wars, and the conflicts that we are already involved in never seem to end. We love to escape the pain of our every day lives.

The war in Afghanistan has already lasted much longer than World War II did, and there is no end in sight. Gang Violence All over America gangs are taking over local communities.

Baton Rouge, Minnesota, Dallas et al- when so many are shocked and anxious these days, Christians should be those people who are not surprised at all that another fire has come ablaze, for only through such an unsurprised people will others hear the news that we cannot, even in America, save, redeem, heal, or even better ourselves.

Atlantic Coast possesses more major ports than the rest of the Western Hemisphere combined. So, this is not something that happened after Whats happening to america financial crash, for instance.

The Bible teaches that individuals and nations need to learn to obey God and depend on Him for blessing, safety and understanding. And all of this sexual activity is rapidly spreading disease among our teens. So why are so many bad things happening to America?

This is the greatest debt in the history of the world and it is beyond criminal that we plan to pass this debt on to future generations. It is being projected that these very hot and very dry conditions will persist well into August.

The Soviet Union was largely alcohol-fueled. I continue to go forward with what I believe is the truth because that is what this will always be about for me. The truth that's been laid bare by the U.

More recently, serial concessions to what President Obama fondly imagines to be "centrism" and "bipartisanship" have done nothing to placate his Republican foes. The following is from a recent Financial Post article ….

Where will this all end? Its theme, wrote his son, was "the question of how it was possible for the Nazis to come to power.

It makes it even more curious, actually, following the Great Recession, that African-Americans continue to make great strides in terms of falling mortality rates; Hispanics have the best mortality rates of the three groups.

We know the working class today has a large portion that are women, that are people of color. Even though my skin is thicker than most, I still have a lot of "people pleasing" in me. First there was the Great Recession and, following the Great Recession, there is slow growth and very slow wage growth.

Anxiety Epidemic The following is from a recent Business Insider article …. A video surveillance camera captured footag e of numerous people walking right past a man that had just been hit by a car and was dying on the sidewalk.

Americans have long blithely considered ourselves special, somehow exempt from the tendencies and vicissitudes that afflict the rest of the human race. I mean, are we sort of seeing the death of this system writ large? One thing about the Soviet Union, as many people have drawn that comparison, is that the trend there was men only.

One thing about the Soviet Union, as many people have drawn that comparison, is that the trend there was men only.

Christians do not have the optimistic assessment of human nature or romanticized visions of our societal institutions such that we could be shocked or surprised by news stories of police corruption, racial furor, and terrorism.

To answer those questions and more, Politico editor Susan Glasser and chief political correspondent Glenn Thrush convened four scholars from our Politico 50 list who have studied the history of white people in America and documented their recent troubles; Thrush also interviewed J.

Is Mitt Romney really the best that the Republicans can do? What we have to realize is that throughout history poor whites and slaves and then free blacks were pitted against each other, and that was used as a political tool. Other headlines warn that war with Iran is coming.

We need to pay attention to what God says, or we will suffer the consequences of poor decisions. Are you aware that our government hired Al Qaeda to defend Benghazi?

How They Came to the United States. Today the descendants of Ephraim and Manasseh are largely the peoples of Britain and related nations and the United States respectively. Heat And Drought This summer, thousands of new high temperature records have been set all over the country, and weather conditions are much drier than normal in most of the nation.

Decade after decade since the Second World War, the growth rate has been going down. Do you feel like this set of macro, long-term trends for white people in America—Angus has pointed out it started really in the s, even though we are seeing it more pronounced now—surprised people?

In the United States, this is not men only. Detroit has been hard-hit over the past four decades by a steep drop in population, a steadily eroding tax base and crippling budget deficits, resulting in countless barren streets punctuated by vacant lots and burned-out buildings.“What’s happening to America?” I’ve overheard such comments, exasperated and worried, frequently of late.

Baton Rouge, Minnesota, Dallas, Nice, Baton Rouge again: “Has the world lost its mind?”.

Look At What's Happening In America In 2017

The following are some of the bad things that are happening to America right now. Heat And Drought. This summer, thousands of new high temperature records have been set all over the country, and weather conditions are much drier than normal in most of the nation.

Nov 25,  · My America does not invade other countries based on trumped up charges, or continue to occupy those countries indefinitely at staggering costs of money and lives. My America holds big business accountable for its samoilo15.com: Resolved. What’s Going on With America’s White People?

Anderson: And I don’t think that we’re going to see a demographic eclipse when you look at what’s been happening on our college campuses. Look At What's Happening In America In The Charlottesville rally is just another example of the deep-rooted, bone-chilling hatred in this country.

By Jenna Amatulli. The Big Idea.

The Truth About What is Going on in America is Far Worse Than We Want to Admit

What’s Going on With America’s White People? Trump’s rise put a sudden spotlight on the troubles of white working-class Americans.

Whats happening to america
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