Writing intensive handbook for academic writing

Five or six paragraphs per A4 page is generally about right, while fewer than two or three paragraphs breaks on a page is likely to be difficult for readers to digest.

However, full participation is a requirement in order to pass your course overall, and students who do not contribute adequately to their assigned group may not be eligible to receive a grade or credit for the work of that group.

Last updated August It is also a strong companion to books on research methods that need a solid basis for academic skills. Non-Discrimination Policy DePaul University has a long standing commitment to the diversity of its faculty, staff and student body.

When putting forward the viewpoints of others, it can be good to set out your own opinions or alternative thoughts.

Planning A good piece of academic writing should always be well-structured — being clear, consistent, relevant and readable all the way through, to support an authoritative conclusion.

This is to help readers to find the element you mention if they go to look up the source. How your reference list is formatted depends both on the citation style you are using and the type of source you are referencing.

This covers how to download your database results into EndNote as well as how to find and download the full-text from Library subscriptions. Please consult your tutor, Course Director or supervisor if you are having any difficulties with assessed work, need clarification or guidance about citing and referencing, or are in any doubt about what is permissible.

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Table captions appear above the table and are also numbered sequentially e. This is the book I recommend to all my students at the beginning of each academic year, independent of the subject I teach and the composition of my cohort.

You may wish to think about commenting on and critiquing some, but probably not all, of the different approaches that may be taken to answering the question. Attending to rules of grammar, sense, and sentence structure will no more lead to effective prose than knowing the mechanics of a golf swing will lead to a hole-in-one.

The following further information may help you decide what to use or try: Citing sources in altered contexts D. Most professors want to see your mind at work on the topic. Depending on the requirements of the work or assessment, it may be necessary to carry out a thorough literature review; the Library provides more help and guidance about how to do this most effectively.

As outlined in Chapter 2, it is vital that the work of others is cited or acknowledged appropriately wherever you make use of it — otherwise you run the risk of plagiarising. What factors underpin it e.

As well as allowing any of your readers to consult your references, this also gives authority to your work by demonstrating the breadth of your research. However, note that personal opinions should always be clearly labelled as such, and should not dominate a piece of academic work. Sources can include but are not limited to: The body of your work should make clear which pieces of information have come from your own research and which have come from the work of others.

The Library has a wide range of books that provide guidance and support for academic writing and study skills, shelved under the classmarks AH.The University of Pittsburgh Study of Writing A Report on Writing in the School of Arts and Sciences 27 faculty from across the academic departments.

II. Writing Requirements in Arts and Sciences The current program of required courses includes an introductory Composition course and two writing-intensive courses (w-courses) offered by. Writing Intensive [Elaine Maimon, Janice Peritz, Kathleen Blake Yancey] on samoilo15.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Writing Intensive includes grammar basics and sourcing information in an ultra brief format. The Maimon handbooks support student and instructor success by consistently presenting and using the writing situation as a framework for beginning/5(18).

2. Writing Assignments and Writing Goals Are Described: Preferably, each writing-intensive course will have a variety of assignments with clearly defined objectives. The syllabus includes a statement of the overall goals for writing, and students receive a written description of individual writing assignments.

Course 2: Getting Started with Essay Writing This is the second course in the Academic English: Writing specialization. By introducing you to three types of academic essays, this course will especially help prepare you for work in college classes, but anyone who wants to improve his or her writing skills can benefit from this course.

Writing Assessment, including how to achieve the necessary writing standards. The members of the Castleton Family—our faculty, staff, administration, and your fellow students—are committed to helping you meet your academic goals.

Students who begin Lehman as freshmen are required to complete 3 Writing Intensive course sections before 60 credits and 1 Writing Intensive section after 60 credits.

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Students who transfer to Lehman with an associate's degree are required to take 2 Writing Intensive sections.

Writing intensive handbook for academic writing
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